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XML Sitemap Maker
XML Sitemap Maker is a windows program that allows you to create sitemaps to submit to search engines that support them.
XML Sitemaps are one of the best ways to let search engines know about the pages on your site in detail.
They allow you to specify the importance of each page, the frequency which they should download them and the last time you modified them.
Our software uses the Sitemaps.org XML 0.90 specification that is supported by Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.
This is great for you whether you have a massive site such as an online casino or a smaller site such as your own personal homepage.

As with most of the gambling site if it is a Casino or any of the Poker site , due to the add on of new games and rules related to it the size of the sites are quite big. But XML Sitemap Maker makes it very easy for you to create and maintain your XML sitemap.

Sitemap Maker

  • Quickly and easily create and maintain your XML sitemap.
  • FTP your sitemap directly to your server from the program.
  • No XML or HTML experience necisary.



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    System Requirements:
    Windows 95/98/2000/XP
    Pentium Processor
    10MB Disk Space
    VGA or Better Display
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